F’Real brand milkshakes denote an interesting landmark in Warped sponsorships - this was the first time, when dealing with a food product, that the tour was able to work with the brand AND all event venues to create a retail relationship. In the past, VWT has routinely executed sampling campaigns without issue, but in this case F’Real was particularly interested in testing sales of the product. Warped producers worked with the brand to coordinate a two pronged approach - first, sales. In partnership with each event venue, the F’Real retail distribution team sold product to venue concessionaires and coordinated delivery to align with event tour dates as the product could ONLY be sold while the activation space was open. Second - marketing & artist partnership. Warped paired F’Real with artists like The Summer Set to conduct autograph signings at the F’Real ice cream truck space daily - fans could get an autograph and a milkshake treat, all in one place!

The F’Real activation also presented a unique set of challenges. The brand had previously retrofitted an ice cream truck to include its custom milkshake machines - without which, the product could not be sold, sampled or otherwise consumed. The milkshake machines were great, but the inside of the truck was entirely filled with a massive generator and water tanks that had to be filled with food grade water before the machines could be used. And the best part - the truck wasn’t road worthy and could not be driven between show dates. Not to worry!! Warped worked with the brand and was able to source a flatbed that seamlessly integrated the F’Real Milkshake Machine truck into the Warped fleet. All costs were rolled into the initial proposal and the client was able to focus on retail sales & marketing initiatives, leaving the logistics to us!


Kate Truscott


Allison Skiff


Steph Mirsky