The Truth campaign is one of the longest standing partnerships for the Vans Warped Tour to date, and one of the most creative. The campaign prides itself of subversive, indirect, conversational educational youth marketing. Yes, the campaign’s core message is as an anti-tobacco initiative, but no one needs that shoved down their throats, least of all teenagers. Truth has created a campaign that interacts with the VWT audience in a fun, interactive way that allows them to learn and absorb information without feeling pressured. As a result, the campaign has been able to announce that in 2015, only 8% of teens polled consider themselves smokers, down from 23% in 2000.

Logistically, Truth also demonstrates how a mobile campaign can seamlessly integrate into the traveling machine that is the Vans Warped Tour. Truth’s agency, Truth Initiative (formerly American Legacy) has their signature Truth Trucks on the road year round, staffed by their highly trained marketing brand reps - the Truth Crew. Each summer, the crew folds into Warped, their truck becomes a part of the festival footprint, drivers become a part of our fleet & crew moves into our buses. All of the logistical obstacles of having a nine man crew, mobile activation unit and two drivers on the road become a part of the tour’s fabric, and the crew can focus on their initiatives.

Over the years, the partnership has even grown to include a custom Vans X Truth shoe called “Weapons of Mass Ridiculousness”. We always encourage our partners to work together and amplify their partnerships with the tour and reach audiences in new ways. We are proud to continue to call The Truth team our partners.


Kate Truscott


Allison Skiff


Steph Mirsky