1996 - PRESENT


As legend has it, VWT founder & producer Kevin Lyman had a meeting scheduled with an ad agency that wanted to pitch Calvin Klein as the title sponsor of the Warped Tour - but a nasty snowstorm on the East Coast cancelled the meeting. Literally in the time that the CK meeting was delayed, Vans execs invited Kevin to their offices for another meeting - and unbeknownst to him, intended to discuss hiring him to produce skate events for them in Southern California. When the meeting was over, Warped had a new title sponsor - and Vans was still looking for a skate event producer.

The Vans brand is now synonymous with Warped and vice versa, and the pair bring the Southern California skate culture & backyard BBQ vibe to fans across North America every summer. For more than a decade, the Vans Skate Ramp played host to the Warped Skate Jam every day, bringing local youth skate talent to the show to demo their skills. In 2015 the brand extended their footprint to a VIP Viewing platform and DIY Chop Shop. On the platform, fans could watch the show, charge phones and have their photos taken in the Vans Photo Booth. Over at the Chop Shop the Vans staff helped concert goers customize their new t-shirts adding fringe, designs & more!!

Vans executes a massive retail push along with their fall look release each summer on VWT, as the anchor of the festival site. Each day’s schedule is created that morning by Kevin himself, so that neither fans nor bands know what time they will perform - this creates a demand and fans are sure to show up early. The Vans blowup schedule in front of the main stages each morning is the only place onsite for fans to see the never-before-seen lineup. Warped is a no re-entry event, creating a captive audience of fans ready to interact with everything that Warped has to offer throughout the day.


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